Election Line Ups

So, you say you want a candidate who can beat Trump? Well, there are two.
Here’s how it breaks down:
If it’s Biden vs. Trump, the election will be about who gropes women more and who commits more gaffes. Of course, Trump is actually worse on both those counts but, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, Trump’s supporters don’t care about his weaknesses. Feminists will have a hard time supporting Biden due to his treatment of Anita Hill, black people will not turn out for him in large numbers, and young people will stay home in droves. Trump will win.
If it’s Harris v. Trump, she will still have to answer to the voters for all her sins as California Attorney General, which are numerous. Tulsi hit her on four of the big ones, and she had no answers. Trump, or his surrogates, will hit her again and again, and she will still have no answers. Trump will win.
If it’s Trump v. Warren, it will be Pocahontas, Pocahontas, Pocahontas the whole time. It’s his stupid joke, his fans love it. Warren will either try to ignore it, which doesn’t work well, or she’ll respond to it which, as we’ve seen, also does not work well. She would have better luck than Biden or Harris at keeping Bernie voters in the fold, but she has no appeal for independents. Trump will win.
Buttigieg is a good speaker but, oh boy, the Republicans will have fun with his name. He is the mayor of a medium-sized city, and not a particularly good mayor at that. The black people of South Bend hate him, so a lot of black people will stay home on election day. Trump will win.
If Corey Booker gets the nomination, Democrats automatically lose two of their biggest issues: corruption, and health care. That’s because Corey Booker is corrupt, and he is very specifically in the debt of the pharmaceutical industry. Trump will win.
If Andrew Yang gets the nomination, you have two wealthy entrepreneurs running against each other. The argument will be about which of them is the more successful. Trump could lose the argument and still win the election, because his fans are impressed with wealth, and the average voter not so much. Turnout will be low. Trump will win.
With any of these candidates, from July to November the Democrats will be using the slogan “Vote for the lesser of two evils.” It’s a shitty slogan, and it does not win elections.

But if either Tulsi or Bernie get the nomination, they can run on health care, raising the minimum wage, forgiving student debt, ending private prisons, ending regime change wars, taxing the rich, and legalizing marijuana, all of which are very popular with the American people. They are both good speakers, and exciting candidates. Turnout would be high, and the Democrats would win.

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