The Perfect Ride

We had a lovely little bike ride this afternoon, just Helena and I. Sam has not been feeling well the last couple of days, so I didn’t expect him to come, and Isabel declined as well. I was O.K. with that. Quality time.
We rode through our local park, in front of the 17th century military hospital that gives Invalidovna its name, and then through the soon-to-be-completed neighborhood just this side of the bike path that goes along the river, on which we turned left, toward the center.
Helena suggested we pay a visit to Štvanice Ostrov, that is, Štvanice Island, and I said sure. Despite the fact that it’s a part of the local landscape, it’s an island and, never having a reason to go there I’ve probably only been on that island two or three times, and we went to the bottom end of it, where I’d never been before. We stood and watched the water pouring over the weir. “Niagara Falls!” I said, and Helena ignored me. We saw a father and son standing in the water below the weir and calmly fishing, and it wasn’t even up to their knees. Then we biked up toward the northern end of the island, sat on a bench, looked across the river, and shared a Bounty candy bar. Then we rode back.
It was perfect weather for a ride. Cloudy, and it just started to rain when we were almost home.

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