Robert Reich: Pick a Side

I like Robert Reich. I really do. He does really cool videos in which he explains economics with simple cartoon drawings and plain language, and they are brilliant. And it’s all Bernie Sanders economics.
In 2016, though, he sat on the fence right till the end, and I felt it was kind of a betrayal. Not too surprising, though. He worked in the Clinton administration and, as I understand it, he is personal friends with both Bill and Hillary. But that’s ancient history now.
I saw a video of his just the other day in which he talked about electability v having big ideas and he said it’s a false division because without big ideas nobody is electable and that’s all true, but he didn’t get specific about candidates.
So, I can interpret his videos as an endorsement for Bernie Sanders, because he’s got big ideas and they are drawing big crowds and millions and millions of people are very excited about his candidacy. But, some people could watch his video and think he’s talking about Elizabeth Warren, because she’s got so many ‘plans.’
I like Robert Reich. I really do. I would love to see him in Bernie’s cabinet. But it’s time for him to stop straddling the fence, or he’s going to wind up with splinters in his butt (metaphorically). And he should do it before the Iowa caucuses in February.

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