Signal Fest

Last night Helena dragged me out to see the Signal Fest, an event which seems like a lot more often than merely annual in Prague, and generally isn’t that great. But, there were several things within walking distance, and it was a good enough excuse to get out and do something, so we took Izzie and went for a walk. Sam was working. Seems he’s away more often than not, lately. Oh, well. They grow up.
Bottom line review, it was way better than any Signal Fest events I’ve seen before. The first thing was called “Jacob’s Wall” and it was in Kaizlovy Sady, which is our local park. Well, not the very first, we passed up on the indoor exhibition at Invalidovna because that cost money. The “Wall” could be seen from quite a distance and it looked kind of big, and interesting. As we got closer, I realized that was just the scaffolding. It was basically like a set of blinds, hauled up and over on a set of rollers, maybe 4 or 5 meters high, and chains of tiles, white on one side and black on the other, were hauled up and over by rollers at the top, sort of the same technology as an escalator, I think, and then cascaded down like tumbling dominoes until the all black wall was all white and then vice versa again.
The next thing was just a few steps away, and quite minimalist. Just some blue ground lights, which made for a nice photo point. Then, a few more steps and there was a light saber mosh pit for the very little kids.
Then, we came to the school at Lyčkovo Náměstí and it was a bit more like the usual lights on buildings show, but the one thing that I hate about them, usually, is that they never seem to actually incorporate the building in their plans, usually it’s just a light show, using something as a screen which was not designed to be a screen, but this was not like that.
Neither was the show on the church at Karlinské Náměstí. That was my favorite.
And lots of people were walking around with balloons that had tiny Christmas lights all over them. 200 kč a pop, so we passed, but they were popular and it did make for a very festive atmosphere.
Lasts all weekend. Recommended.

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