Part II

Last night’s blog kind of got cut off in the middle because it was really a two part premise that I had in mind, but after I’d written a few paragraphs about the first half of the premise, it was drifting toward tl;dr territory, and I wouldn’t want to do that.
So, the last blog talked about how we all are descended from murderers and rapists and slave owners, because that’s just the history of human beings on our planet, over the last 100 millenia or so.
Part II of that concept, the glass half full to its glass half empty, is that probably almost every human being alive today is a direct descendant of the person who first picked up a flaming stick from a forest fire, took it back to his or her cave, and nurtured it a bit. Probably almost everybody alive today is a descendant of that first person who stopped jabbering long enough to realize that, by slight and subtle changes in sound, they could attach names to physical objects: tree, mountain, your butt. I’m sure they kept the whole tribe enthralled around the campfire.
And since all of human development since then has been based on what was learned back then, all of art and literature and science and invention, should be equally and fairly shared among all their descendants.
Some people might have a bigger house, or a newer, shinier car, but knowledge, and the technological state we have come to, is the legacy of the ancients, and it should belong to all of us equally.

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