Good News in Kentucky, Virginia and Indiana

So, there were some off year elections in a few different places around the U.S. today and it’s being reported as a blue wave, which is good, I’m very happy about that. But, the one question I have, and which I’m still not sure about even now when the dust has well settled, is “are these Bernie Sanders Democrats or just run of the mill not going to be worth a damn Democrats.”
With the Kentucky governor’s race, it appears at least that we got a really horrible person out, and Andy Bashear has said some good things about health care. In the ‘don’t get too excited’ column, he’s from a politically dynastic family and he supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.
In Virginia, both chambers of the state congress now have Democratic majorities, which is pretty major. I hope at least some the new members will be from the more progressive wing of the party.
There were a couple of victories which were very satisfying, more for their symbolic significance than any change they will bring, but who knows? It’s a cumulative thing, so every win counts. Juli Briskman, who is best known as ‘that lady on the bicycle who gave Trump the finger’ got elected to the Loudoun County, Virginia (where Trump has a golf course) Board of Supervisors. And, in Mike Pence’s home town of Columbus, Indiana, they now have a Democratic city council for the first time in, like, forever.

Overall assessment: It was a pretty good day. Certainly as good as could have been expected.

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