Differences of Opinion

One of the things that amazes me about the Bernie Sanders movement is the general unanimity of opinion within it. Everybody agrees on universal health care, I almost never see the concept of a $15 an hour minimum wage opposed, we all want a greener planet, nobody is saying “Yeah, I like Bernie but maybe getting rid of private prisons is a step too far.”
Bernie has well known positions, internet publicized positions, on dozens of issues, and most of his followers can’t find more than a minor detail here and there they might have stated differently.
But, in any group of people larger than one, you will find some differences of opinion, and there is one bone I have to pick with some (I think they’re a minority, I’m not sure) of my fellow Berners.
This is their insistence on demonizing some people who are also Berners, just maybe not as 100% consistent over time as they would like.
Cenk Uygur is the case in point. I like the guy. I used to like him more when I only saw him in print, because live he can come across as kind of condescending, but the man knows his stuff, he’s generally on the right side of things, and he has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Also, he’s running for congress. Some Berners don’t like him (even though he’s endorsed Bernie) because he has said positive things about Elizabeth Warren as well.
Here’s the way I see it. We can’t expect every Berner to be a fanatic Berner, or we are limiting our numbers. We certainly can’t expect every Berner to have always been a Berner, because that shuts the door on recruitment, and we still need a lot more people to win.
I mean the nomination, for which we need 51% of the delegates on the first ballot, or the DNC will screw us again. The general election will be a piece of cake.
So, please, guys. Ease up on Cenk, O.K. And Sarah Silverman, too, while you’re at it.

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