The Enemy of my Enemy is Still my Enemy

Joe Biden faced some heckling at one of his rallies the other day. It would even be fair to say that his speech was ‘disrupted by protesters.’ One guy called him a liar and said his son Hunter is a crackhead. Several others were chanting ‘Quid pro Joe’ which I thought was mildly funny.
However, they were from Infowars, which is a right wing website run by Alex Jones, who reminds me a lot of Glenn Beck, but more deranged. Several of them were also shouting “Trump is innocent” which is clearly not true.
So, while I agree that Biden getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired to end an investigation into the oil company his son worked for was an egregious abuse of power, these particular protesters were coming from the right, not the left, and I actually think Biden (as much as I dislike him) handled the situation fairly well.
That kind of thing doesn’t much happen at Bernie rallies any more. There was the incident back in early 2016 (or maybe even 2015) when some Black Lives Matter people took over the stage, but Bernie gave them the microphone because he agrees with the Black Lives Matter movement and the situation was dealt with. But lately, Bernie gets crowds of 20,000 and more, and all of them are raging Berners. 50 or 60 protesters, who can easily disrupt a Biden size crowd, would be as invisible in a Bernie crowd as a person drifting in a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The advantage of overwhelming popularity.


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2 responses to “The Enemy of my Enemy is Still my Enemy

  1. Dennis Watson

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but I thought the investigation of Burisma had been completed a couple years before he got the prosecutor fired.

  2. Then he would have had no motive to get the prosecutor fired. Revenge? In any event, for the VP of the United States to tell another government which officials they should fire is still pretty bad. Interfering in another country’s governance is surely just as bad as interfering in another country’s elections.

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