A New Low

It gets a little bit tiresome saying “A new low,” because we say it so often. We say it about Trump, the Tories in England, the press, the DNC, and oh so many others. But, as long as it keeps being true we need to keep saying it, or they will just assume they got away with that one and go ahead and take the bar down yet another notch, until you’d think a snake couldn’t slither under it, and then they do.
Well, this time it was the press. Specifically CNN. They just released a new poll showing Bernie in 4th place in Iowa, which struck some people as weird because Bernie’s been polling at 1st or 2nd the past couple of weeks, his debate performance was solid, he’s had several big rallies and a slew of new endorsements in recent days, and there’s no apparent reason for a drop.
Then some eagle eyed viewers on Twitter and Reddit took a look at the date on the poll. November 8-13. So, why are they showing a month old poll now? Your guess may or may not be as good as mine, but my guess is they just didn’t want to show a poll Bernie was winning.
It was such an egregious violation of journalistic ethics that Julian Castro, who is running AGAINST Bernie Sanders for the nomination, called them out on it. Thank you, Julian Castro!
This election is turning into a scientific experiment. Can the press lie often enough, and forcefully enough, that they can change people’s opinions? If so, we are doomed and Rupert Murdoch becomes de facto King of the World. If not, if there is a limit beyond which their bullshit becomes evident as bullshit and people stop taking them seriously, except maybe for the weather and sports scores, then Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States.

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