Long Island Iced Tea

Yesterday (last night couldn’t figure out how to write the blog on the wife’s computer and she’d already gone to bed) we toured the battlefield where the Nazi’s invaded Poland in September 1939, starting World War II, and visited the lovely town of Sopot.
We walked along the pier, there was a seagull posing for photographs, a clown playing guitar, and lots and lots of people enjoying the beautiful view in the chilly weather, and along the central promenade of the town, which was appropriately touristy. The kids had some Gofrey, which is really more of a summertime treat, but waffles topped with fruit and whipped cream are always good.
The funniest incident of the day, however, occured when we stopped for lunch. We went to an Italian restaurant, and it was quite good. Helena, Isabel and I all had pizza and Sam had a seafood linguine. The confusion came with the drinks. Sam had ordered an ice tea and when he tasted it, something seemed strange. I looked at it and thought “Did she bring him a Long Island Iced Tea?” because the colors were layered in that distinctive way but still, he’s a minor, it was a family restaurant, so we were kind of in disbelief. Helena tasted it (she almost never drinks) and said “something is funny,” so suddenly I, who hasn’t touched alcohol in 20 years, a day at a time 12 stepper, was thrust into the position of being the family expert on alcohol.
I took a sip and it is like riding a bicycle, you never forget. I must admit, that restaurant makes a decent Long Island Iced Tea. Well, they insisted on charging us for it. “I did ask you twice if you wanted a Long Iced Tea,” the waitress (who was very cute and sweet) said.
So, we got burned for that, but overall the meal was not expensive and the food was good.
In about an hour we’ll hit the road. We’re going to see one castle on the way but we’ll be back in Prague by tonight. It has been a lovely vacation.

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