Two Shows

I’ve been looking for something to add to my Netflix rotation. I’m almost done rewatching Star Trek, like all the iterations, I’ve maybe got 10 episodes to go of the original series. Of course, there’s still Star Trek discovery, I may give that another try just out of loyalty to the franchise although I find it nearly unwatchable, and Picard, but I haven’t seen that available yet.
My wife and I are watching Big Bang theory, which we both find funny, but I don’t want to watch it when she’s not home because that’s cheating.
So, I’ve tried The Witcher and Messiah. I’ll carry on a few episodes at least with both, but Messiah has definitely got my attention. I love it when they let people speak other languages. Also, there’s a central question which I’m sure they’ll never give a clear answer to. Of course, that means it almost inevitably will pander to religiosity in vague and saccharine ways. So, we’ll see. So far it seems like a spy drama with a lot of local color.

The Witcher looks like some producers decided that they wanted a Game of Thrones rip-off, with maybe a few more monsters and not quite as many major characters or competing plot lines. Yeah, it’s got some very sexy women, maybe a little bit of nudity here and there, and some hellacious sword fights. I’m a bit worried that might be all it has, but I’ll watch it for a few episodes and see.

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