Joe Biden has Alzheimers

Today, speaking to a crowd in South Carolina, Joe Biden said “I’ll appoint the first African-American woman to the Senate.” There are two main problems with that statement. There have been female African-American Senators before, and Kamala Harris is serving currently. (Biden once previously made a similar comment, and Harris called him out on it). More importantly, what the hell is he even talking about. The president does not appoint Senators. They are elected, by the citizens of their state. On those rare occasions where an appointment needs to be made (death or imprisonment), it’s made by that state’s governor. Joe Biden knows this. Or he should. Probably did, once upon a time.
A couple of days ago he asked for people to vote for him for the United States Senate, and then said “If you don’t vote for me, vote for the other Biden,” which makes no sense at all. So, the first part might be indicative of Alzheimers, his mind harking back to previous Senate campaigns, and a high school gymnasium in South Carolina looks very similar, I’m sure, to a high school gym in Delaware, and neither has changed their look significantly in the last 40 years.
The second part is just plain old brain turning to mush.
Seriously, how bad does it have to get before he exits the race?

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