Another One Bites the Dust

I have a lot of vbnmw people on my Facebook friends list. Many of them are family or friends IRL, so I’d never delete them. Just like real life in real life, you don’t terminate a relationship just because somebody said something you disagree with, no matter how completely ignorant it is, or how often they repeat it.
Those who I just know in Facebook world do not enjoy the same immunity. Yesterday, a vbnmw voter, who is a teacher and whose posts are always grammatically correct, credit where it’s due, prefaced one of his posts with “I reserve the right to delete,” which, of course, you don’t even need to reserve. Anybody can delete anybody else’s comments at any time. Saying you reserve the right to delete is a little like calling up your local McDonald’s and asking for a reservation. It’s not required.
Anyway, I replied that if he was reserving the right to delete, how could we have an open and honest debate about the issue. He replied “We don’t need to. You can say what you want on your own page.”
So, I unfriended him.
As a Bernie Bro, I am willing to hear other people’s comments. I want to engage Biden supporters in debate, because I know that the facts are on our side and in any legitimate exchange of ideas, we will win. But vbnmw people (who are now, unsurprisingly, Biden people, because vbnmw has always been code for anybody but Bernie), don’t want that open straightforward debate.
Because their candidate sucks, and they know it.

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