Goals and Topics

I made a list of things to get done in the time of quarantine, that was about four days in, and I’ve pretty much ignored it entirely because tomorrow’s always another day and I’ve gotten lost in watching Netflix and doing Sudoku puzzles which is a total waste of time because I’m not getting any better at them. I have grown a beard so I can check that off the list but as far as serious goals go, I might as well have put ‘get a little bit fatter’ on the list because I’ve accomplished that, too.
With each day being very much like the day before, I’m finding it hard to pick a topic for my daily blog. I don’t want to write about politics every single day, and y’all can watch Netflix for yourselves. Currently, I’m watching The Crown, The Flash, Arrow, Community and How I Met Your Mother and out of those five only Community would hold my interest in normal times. It’s just a sitcom with a simple premise and a group of wacky characters, but it definitely has moments of brilliance. I recommend.

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