When you go to an open mike poetry reading, as I frequently do (yes, I spell it mike because it rhymes with bike and hike, and it does not rhyme with tic, or Bic – fight me) you expect to hear some cringeworthy stuff. Nature of the game. Same when you go to karaoke, or to an open mike comedy night. But, when you are watching a standup comedy special on TV, you expect to hear somebody who knows how to tell a joke. These are professionals, after all.
But, I just watched a show called Degenerates on Netflix, and that was not the case. Interesting format, basically each episode a different comic, and a great theme song, but damn. Not one of them could get through a set without saying motherfucker, usually several times, all of the female comics talked obsessively about their vaginas, all of the black ones said nigger a lot, and only a handful of them were truly funny, or had any original take on the world at all. The dwarf was funny, but it was still very identity based. The ex-felon with the drug problem was maybe the funniest, but also the crudest, and his story about how he was thinking of committing suicide but then a girl offered to have sex with him and it saved his life was actually kind of touching, despite the graphic description of her very hairy vagina.
But, I guess in some ways I’m becoming more conservative in my old age. Not politically, hell to the no, but socially, and culturally, yeah.
Anyway, Netflix is great because there is just so damn much of it, so I adopted the expedient of listening to a comic and if I didn’t like them, I just dropped them and went ahead to the next episode, the next comic. Finished the series in two days, and did some other stuff, too.

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