Not a Hoax, But…

A Facebook friend, who is a frequent and rather verbose poster, posted a thing yesterday about how she’s had the virus and how horrible it was (she’s recovering now), so that brings my total to a few facebook friends, and one or two people I know in real life who’ve had it, and one who has died. That was my Aunt Bernice. Admittedly, she was 106, but she might have had another 5, or even 10 good years left in her.
So, I don’t actually think it’s a hoax, and the friends I have who do are also those who are opposed to vaccines and see 5G as a serious threat. I’m not saying their views should be ignored, either.
There are bad people in the world, who would be very happy to see lots of people dead as long as they could profit. Some conspiracy theories are real.
What I do think is that we should learn from this. Universal Health Care is needed, and I’m not just talking about the U.S., although that’s the glaring example in the Western world. We’re not hearing much about Covid 19 in India and Africa, but it’s there. Whatever percentage of their populations die will show us what the rate might have been in the rest of the world, without all the protective measures.
But will we learn from this? Probably not. People don’t respond to a crisis unless it personally, and very obviously, affects them. Hurricanes? Wildfires? Thoughts and prayers.
Meanwhile, try to stay healthy, everybody.

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