Tough Luck, Stacey

There’s a video I’ve seen posted a few times, on all my Bernie loving and Biden hating pages, of a Joe Biden appearance on Laurence O’Donnell’s show on MSNBC. Now, former gubernatorial candidate from Georgia, Stacey Abrams, was also on as a guest.
Discerning viewers and fantasy politics players might well have jumped to the conclusion that Biden was going to announce her as his VP pick. There’s some logic behind it. She’s a woman, and he’s promised women he would pick a woman, and that might also appease some feminists who don’t like his creepy/rapey image, and she’s black, which wouldn’t hurt him and, although Georgia is an unlikely pickup, it sure would be a sweet one.
Even the undiscerning viewer, who doesn’t know shit about politics, would have figured that out from O’Donnell’s intro: You’ve specifically asked for her to be here, is there some kind of special announcement? At that point it’s like being in a public place and you suddenly see a marriage proposal happening and the whole restaurant/shopping mall/airplane goes silent and everybody waits, hoping for a yes, a happy, tearful yes.
But, ramblin’ Joe started in about what a great, courageous leader she way, and rambled on a bit about mail in voting, and then started talking about the post office, and I’m not sure what he was saying but a couple of minutes in you could tell he wasn’t going to announce her as his VP. and her gleaming VP candidate smile had flattened and hardened into something more like a grimace.
Why the confusion? I suspect this wasn’t a vicious sort of snub, as some people are saying. I get the feeling old Joe didn’t really know why she was there, maybe his aides had told him it would be good to be seen with the nice black lady, and his handling of it was just kind of ham handed and it was Laurence O’Donnell who screwed up.
I don’t think he was being cruel and malicious. Although there’s some evidence of that in his legislative career, it would just not make sense in this case. She’s a political ally.
I do think that he’s a doddering old fool with a mismanaged campaign, who walked right into an embarrassing situation and stumbled his way out of it, without ever being aware of it.
It’s not as if I was going to vote for Biden, even if Ms. Abrams was on the ticket, but I still feel kind of bad for her.

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