Minneapolis Burning

This time it’s different. There have been many black people killed by police in the last decade or two, hundreds. A lot of those have been captured on video, and aroused public indignation Which usually lasted a day or two, until something else happened in the news and everybody moved on. The case of George Floyd isn’t even that unique. His saying “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” is exactly the same as Eric Garner. But, the reaction is different this time. Maybe it’s the quality of the video. Maybe it’s because people have been cooped up a long time. I don’t know.
The fact that there’s rioting is not completely new. There were riots in St. Louis after police killed Michael Brown, and a couple years later after they killed Lamar Smith. It’s the reaction to the riots that’s different.
Of course, you see some commenters on Facebook saying “violence doesn’t change anything” and “they’re only destroying their own neighborhoods” but I’m also seeing a lot of comments saying “this time it’s justified” and “if this is the only way to force action, so be it.”
Myself, I’m certainly not going to object to the protests, whatever form they take. The police, the city of Minneapolis, and the state of Minnesota caused this problem and it is up to them to solve it.
They need to prosecute the police officer’s involved (which Amy Klobuchar, back when she was the chief prosecutor for Hennepin County, totally failed to do – Derek Chauvin had a whole streak of disciplinary problems before this), they need to fire their police chief, whoever it is, and they need to apologize like crazy to the friends, family and supporters of George Floyd.
That’s what it will take. The riots might not continue forever but the simmering resentment will, until there is real change.

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