Police Still Killing People

Even after the killing of George Floyd set the whole country on fire, the police, instead of doing damage control, continued beating the hell out of peaceful protesters, pushing old men to the ground, blasting people with rubber bullets, raining tear gas down from the sky on large crowds of people peacefully gathered to express their opinions, and worse.
The murder of Rayshard Brooks, by shooting him in the back, was inexcusable. So, he got drunk and fell asleep in his car at Wendy’s. So, he fought with the cops. So, he stole their taser. So, he was running away. That doesn’t matter. They shot him in the back and they killed him. O.K., the police officer who shot him got fired and I guess we’re supposed to think that’s great, but fired is not the same as charged with murder, as he should be, and it still allows for him to be rehired by another police department, as is likely.
Then there is the case of Robert Fuller, 24, who was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California. The police ruled it a suicide faster so fast they couldn’t have possibly put any thought into the matter.
Now, in fairness to the police, it is physically possible for a person to commit suicide by hanging. It is, in fact, one of the two possibilities. But, most people who commit suicide by hanging do it in the privacy of their own home. And his sister says he wasn’t suicidal. While that isn’t proof, either, I’m more inclined to believe his sister, or any random stranger on the street, than the police. The police lie all the damn time.
Bottom line, the police have not learned their lesson, and aren’t likely to any time soon. It’s a hell of a situation, for sure.

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