A Life Ruined

Mark McCloskey, of Mark and Patricia McCloskey fame, has been on Fox and CNN today, giving his side of the story. He says their lives have been ruined by all the publicity.

Yeah, right. First, their lives weren’t ruined by the totally peaceful protesters walking past his front door, on the sidewalk. That’s like a minor annoyance, at best, even if it is a gated community.
Their lives were ruined, if anything, because he’s a pudgy, middle aged man who was wearing a pink shirt and brandishing a military style weapon, and his wife was no more impressive with her little pistol, they looked like they thought they were Bonnie and Clyde.
So, there were a lot of very comical memes. So, they have become the face of white privilege. That’s not ruining their lives. They haven’t been charged with anything. They haven’t been disbarred. They’ve still got their million dollar + home in an exclusive, gated community in St. Louis. They’ve still got their health, I presume.
One more thing. It’s a bit rich for him to say that the publicity has ruined their lives while he’s out there seeking more publicity.

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