Kanye West?

The first, and actually only thing you need to remember about Kanye West’s announcement that he’s running for president is that it should not be taken seriously. There is no more chance of Kanye West becoming president than there is of Trump refusing to leave office if he loses. You can file both of those under things that will never happen.
Kanye West is a bit like Vermin Supreme, the guy who wears a boot on his head and says that everybody should get a pony. But, I doubt he’s as smart or as self-aware. Vermin Supreme even admits on his website, sort of, that it’s all a big joke.
I’m not saying no musician could ever be president. Sonny Bono made it to congress. If he’d been a super great congressman, and a better skier, he might have pulled it off.
But Kanye West? He’s famous for making a sex tape that spawned a reality show. He’s famous for being a drunken idiot at the Grammy Awards ceremony. He’s famous as a punch line, a symbol for completely moronic people who have no idea how smart and talented they are not. He’s not all that famous for his music.
He probably has no idea what running for president entails, and will not even be listed on the ballots.
So, in summation, no. No, he should not be taken seriously. At all.

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