Build Back Better

Build Back Better is no better a slogan than Ridin’ With Biden or No Malarkey. None of them actually mean anything, and all are easily mockable. With Build Back Better, that could be rendered meaningless the first time Melania Trump says Build Back Best, because according to those on that side, Best is even better than Better, and none of their people are looking for specifics so there you have it.
It’s not going to attract any progressives because it’s right there in the name, we want progress, we want to go forward, we don’t want to go back at all.

I can’t really say my man Howie Hawkins is doing any better, even though he has so much more to work with. H’20, i.e. Hawkins 2020 but scrunched up so it’s similar to the chemical notation for water, says nothing at all and reminds old people with long memories of Barry Goldwater (Au H2O) in 1964, and look how that worked out.
For Hawkins, I think he should go with “Save the Planet -Vote Hawkins” or “Vote for Hawkins and Medicare for All” or “Hawkins/Walker – Smash the Two Party System” or “Vote Green – the only party that doesn’t suck.” You know, a slogan that actually says something.

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