Some Things Don’t Change

The vbnmw people’s argument for voting for Biden hasn’t changed, it is still, and always, and only ‘he’s not Trump.’ We pressed them to come up with a single argument why we should actually vote for Biden and not just against Trump, on many threads, and I’ve never yet seen one of them come up with a good answer. For a while, a lot of them were saying ‘the Supreme Court,’ but I haven’t actually seen that one for a while, maybe because they got tired of the way every time they said it, one of us irritating little Berniebots would remind them of how Biden was chairman of Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings, with all the Long Dong Silver and pubic hair on a Coke can jokes, and so he’s not only O.K. with being shitty to women, he’s not real likely to give us a liberal Supreme Court, either.
Now, when I say I’m voting Green and have my sights set on 2024, a lot of them are saying “You have to vote for Trump, or there might not BE an America in 2024,” which is hyperbolic nonsense.
We are 75 years after the end of WWII, yet Germany and Japan continue to exist. The Black Plague reduced Europe’s population by about 25%, but there is still a Europe. Rome was weakened by corrupt, mentally incompetent emperors, sacked by the Huns, and a whole bunch of other shit, but there is still a Rome.
The central swathe of North America is not going to sink into the ocean. If they mean that America as a democratic nation, a beacon unto the world, a land of hope and optimism will be finished after 4 more years of Trump, then I think they are deluded as to what America is. That boat sailed long ago. The Statue of Liberty no longer lifts a lamp beside the golden door, because most Americans are pants shitting scared of people who were born in other countries. It is no longer the land of the free OR the home of the brave. It is no longer a place (if it ever was)where everybody’s vote counts, where the best man (or woman) wins.
The 2020 elections are over. The bad guys won another round. America will continue to exist, but it will be a long time, if ever, before it regains the reputation it once had.
I’m voting Green because, even though I know it’s happening, I don’t have to accept it.

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