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As anybody who knows me already knows, I am a big advocate of the Green Party. Their platform is virtually identical to Bernie’s platform, and the emphasis is on saving the planet, it’s right there in their name. I am rather fond of planet Earth, and I am a greater patriot for it than any specific country on it.
So, I was just on a comment thread a couple of minutes ago where some fool was saying “They aren’t a big tent party. There purpose is not to win but just to disrupt elections. And they’re backed by Russia.”
Well, they are a big tent party, all you have to do is go to their website and you’ll see they have positions on everything from Black Lives Matter to taxing the Billionaires. They are big tent, they are fucking huge tent. As far as winning goes, that still depends on the people. If everybody voted for who they liked, and read something more than what is in the papers, the Greens would win in a landslide.
But it’s the Russia comment that bugged me. We are hearing this more and more, and the Democrats have not even officially picked a candidate yet. There is absolutely zero evidence of it, and plenty of reasons for disbelieving it.
Russia has not been the Soviet Union, has not been a communist state, has had no ideological beef with the U.S. since 1989. Russia and the U.S. could be allies, could be trading partners.
Putin is probably far more concerned with politics in Ukraine and Georgia than he is with what’s happening in the U.S.
Also, no interference is necessary. It is pretty obvious that the U.S. is imploding all on its own.
Yet, we’re hearing this Russia, Russia, Russia shit even earlier and louder than we heard it in 2016. Why?
It’s because the Democrats know that they might well lose the election and they don’t really care, they get to stay rich and in the game, but they are going to need somebody to blame the loss on. So, Russia.
It’s all bullshit.

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