Harris: Good or Bad Choice

There are two ways you can talk about politics: you can present your position, your ideas, your ideology, and then support them with arguments moral, or financial, or scientific, citing expert sources and real experience, and others do the same, and then you debate back and forth for a while, or you can just throw all that out the window and talk about it as a sporting event between two teams you really don’t care about very much.
I am sometimes dismayed that we seem to do far more of the latter than the former, but what’s really bad is when we don’t know the difference.
So, let me get my ideological objections to Kamala Harris out of the way first, before we get to the horse race: as Attorney General of the State of California, she showed clearly that she was on the side of the corporations. She failed to prosecute the CEO of Wells Fargo and he’s now in Trump’s cabinet. She has been a great friend to the private prison industry, with the argument that letting too many people out of prison would deplete the prison labor force. And she tried to block exonerating evidence for a man who was on death row. This is a horrible, evil, will sacrifice anybody for power type woman, and I don’t want her to ever be president of the United States.
Now, back to the horse race. It’s not surprising. She’s popular with the DNC and she’s a twofer on the identity politics thing, which is really important to the average vbnmw voter.
But, she brings nothing to the ticket. Anybody that is impressed with Kamala Harris was probably voting for Biden anyway. She won’t raise enthusiasm among black voters, certainly not in California, where many of them have been her actual victims.
And California is a more or less safely blue state. This pick didn’t help that, it endangered it.
She certainly doesn’t appeal to progressives but, again, not surprising. Ever since they forced Bernie out of the race, they’ve done everything they possibly can to piss his supporters off. No Medicare for All or Green New Deal or Legalization of Marijuana in the platform, Bill Clinton’s dismissive speech at John Lewis’ funeral, allowing Kasich (a Republican) to speak at the convention, and now this. But she probably doesn’t appeal to those ‘moderate Republicans’ they are trying to appeal to either. Like Tim Kain in 2016, she only appeals to people who would be voting for the ticket anyway.
Maybe the Democrats will win no matter what, because maybe people really are well and truly sick of Trump. But, just like in 2016, the Democrats aren’t actually doing anything to make that happen.

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