Bob Rubin

I don’t have much to write about tonight, politics has become a boring, repetitive topic, so I’ll just write about the last thing I watched on Netflix which was a comedy special with a guy I’d never heard of before, the blog titular Bob Rubin.
Very funny guy, I strongly recommend.
The thing with T.V. special stand-up comics is that they have become so common that the overall level has dropped and I find less than half of them funny, so a couple of minutes in and he’d given me a couple of chuckles so I kept watching and he was talking about drugs a lot which is a subject with which I am familiar and his jokes did seem to indicate some actual experience so I kept listening and there were a few times he’d pause and then just tell a few Stephen Wright style one-liners like “If I wasn’t here right now…..these clothes would just be in a pile on the floor” and a lot of it was stream of consciousness stuff which began semi-coherent and then ended with a rant about how he was going to have a second nose surgically implanted onto his forehead, but upside down, so it was kind of a strange and surreal show but about halfway through it I realized what was different. No bad language. Or, if there was, it was so casual I didn’t even notice it. And no mean jokes, either. Nothing about bitches, no nasty racist jokes.
Just weirdness and some pretty funny stuff.

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