It was actually quite lovely today in Prague, gray clouds in interesting shapes, a bit of rain here and there, enough to leave puddles on the ground but not enough to really get soaked. Just the way I like it.
So, it keeps things in perspective and maybe there’s no cause for panic, but the temperature the other day in Death Valley reached 130 Fahrenheit. That’s a fraction over 54 degrees Celsius, but Fahrenheit sounds much scarier in this case, being a higher number, although in fact it’s the exact same heat.
I also use Fahrenheit because that was the temperature in Death Valley, which is in California, which is in the USA, where they don’t understand foreign measurements, or math, or science, or much of anything, but I digress.
It’s a bad sign. It’s not a record (there was a hotter day in the same place back in 1913) but it does seem as if every summer is getting hotter, that’s been generally true for the last decade or so when you average out temperatures around the globe, a chunk of Canadian glacial ice the size of Manhattan broke loose and floated away from the mainland about a week ago, and several wildfires are raging in California (fire tornadoes, even!) as I write this.
The planet is most definitely not happy.

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