Between Left and Right

Well, I think my views are reasonable and moderate, but most people think I’m an unhinged leftist. So, it was with kind of mixed feelings that I got kicked off a page I belong to for being too right wing. Well, suspended anyway, but I probably won’t go back.
On the one hand, it lets me know there are people more radical than me, which is reassuring in a sense. I may not be exactly mainstream, but there is some space between me and being out of the stream altogether. On the other, I’m a bit miffed, because the offense, in my view, was not an offense at all.
It is a page called ‘So You Decided to Fuck Around’ which was formerly called ‘Fuck Around and Find Out,’ a phrase commonly abbreviated FAFO and used as a somewhat more belligerent version of Bernie or Bust. Our views are not, in the main, in opposition.
It was the comment thread after a meme which had a stick figure and the face of Elon Must at the top of it, and it ended with ‘Don’t be like Elon’ and on the side it listed all of the horrible things about Elon Musk, like how he was born in South Africa (profitter from apartheid!) and ‘Being really stupid. He had to hire scientists to run his space program for him.’
Which I thought was silly and responded with ‘Who’s he supposed to get to run his space program, taxi drivers?’ Well, a shit storm ensued, in which I was informed of all sorts of evil shit that he’d done, which I guess involved calling somebody a pedophile and a lot of his projects not working as well as hoped. And, while I was impressed with him putting a car into space, very few of the other people on the thread were.
Anyway, I was banned for being a ‘bootlicker’ and ‘pandering to corporate interests.’
But, it was kind of nice, after arguing all day with right wingers and gun aficionados about whether it was O.K. to murder people during a political demonstration, to get some flak from the left for a change. I can’t say it was support, but it did provide balance.

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