A Sad Interview

Using a teleprompter during a speech is no big deal. It’s expected that your going to do it. Before teleprompters were invented, people read their speeches off paper, or at least had notes of the major points.
An interview, or a question and answer session, is a little bit different. You’re expected to have an answer to whatever question is asked. If you use a teleprompter, that means one of your staffers is listening to the question, formulating an answer, and typing it out for you. That staffer is the one who should be running for office. Reading from a teleprompter in that situation is pathetic, an admission that you are no more than an empty shell, a mouther of words.
That being said, I just watched the Biden interview with James Cordin, the one a lot of people are up in arms about, saying Biden used a teleprompter. I don’t know. I didn’t actually see proof of that. But, it was a lame interview and James Cordin should be ashamed of himself. “Hey, Mr. Vice President, why don’t you just hold up some pictures of your family and talk about how much you love them and your son was in Iraq and you’re all super patriotic and dedicated and good stuff like that?” That was basically the whole interview. Not a single word about policy.
Even at that, it wasn’t an impressive performance. He slurred his words a bit and sometimes lost the thread of the conversation. If he was using a teleprompter, it’s even worse, of course, but this was bad enough. And James Cordin totally co-operated with it.

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