Did Hallucinogens Play a Role in the Origins of Religion?

I just read an article on this, well, no, that’s a lie, I just saw the headline and dived right into the fray in the comments column with this poem:

When our primitive, primitive brains

find something they cannot explain

they don’t recoil, or refrain

instead they dive right in

mythology, theology, and lots of wild speculation

are all tools that we’ve employed in our investigations

We’ve had visions, insights, hunches,

and sudden inspirations

our thoughts will go wherever they may

and in their peregrinations

they’ve led us everywhere we’ve been

Our current situation

is one of great anxietyand self-examination

and some look back and think “Religion was an aberration,

perhaps we ate some mushrooms

and just had hallucinations”

I hear these things, it somehow seems to me

a weak attempt at a late apology

Sure, we were wrongand often we’ve been bad

but we did the best we could with what we had

because I’ve heard the theory before and have some thoughts about it but now that I’ve printed it out I realize that’s not a great poem, the tenses are off, the meter is a bit too variable for my tastes and sort of wonky, but whatever.
Of course, hallucinations played a role in the origins of our intelligence. So did those long periods of time with no hallucinogens because, while they appear on every continent except Antarctica, they’re still sort of rare, and seasonal, and back then we were kind of focused on finding food and avoiding predators, and the hallucinogens were probably a fairly rare treat. So did our five senses, our possession of thumbs, our ability to shape a wide variety of sounds with our superior vocal chords, and lots of other things.
“How much?” is a good question to ask. As to “whether” they were an influence, I see no doubt whatsoever. Of course they were.

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