CNN Review

Of course, my feelings are mixed. It is like watching the Superbowl being played by the two teams you hate the most. (I actually barely follow American football at all, it’s just an analogy)
But, as intensely as I dislike Biden, as much as I think his presidency is going to be a nightmare for working class people, not to mention the planet Earth, it sure is fun watching Donald Trump squirm.
I would love it if, after he leaves office, he and his entire family are hit with charges (I don’t care what charges) and at least some of them do time in jail. But, I don’t think that will happen. After it’s all over, the Democrats will all be about “Now is the time to move forward, not to seek recriminations over the past” and the whole cycle of evil shit in high places will continue uninterrupted, because they are all on the same side in the end.
One more thing: I almost never watch network news any more. My family watches Czech news, and occasionally I’ll understand a bit, but it’s all about Covid and it’s boring. So, this has been the first time in years I’ve actually watched CNN. Good grief, these guys are empty shells. Repeating the same thing over and over and not even taking a break now and then to talk about Senate races, House races, or any of the issues. They announce it like a sport, except they’re not as good as sports announcers. Also, they’ve completely dropped any pretense of neutrality and they are clearly rooting for a Biden win.
When Anderson Cooper said “Trump is like a fat turtle on his back. He’s flailing and he knows his time is over,” it was not an inaccurate characterization. Nonetheless, it wasn’t exactly neutral, and I was a bit surprised to hear him say it.

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