The Olive Branch List

A lot of people, in the Bernie groups I belong to, are debating the topic: when is it O.K. to start bashing Biden again? Should we wait until after the vote count is finished? Should we wait until the electoral college has voted, which I believe is December 13th? Or should we wait until we see who he appoints to his cabinet, or after the inauguration?
There are plenty who argue that we should not wait at all. People only voted for him because they hate Trump, so its fair game to attack him now. I was willing to wait until he’d at least done something concrete, because right now everybody’s celebrating and it might be construed as ungracious, even mean spirited. But, the centrist Democrats attacks on the left haven’t let up, so I’m starting to come around to the “What the hell, why should we wait at all” point of view.
Nonetheless, I want this blog to be a bit of an olive branch. Here are 6 things Biden could do that would force me to give him a bit of credit, and maybe stay off his back for a while.
1) Bernie’s Green New Deal, and of course that includes banning fracking. Damn. Fracking is literally poisoning the Earth. Literally literally. That’s what fracking is. It also includes infrastructure repair, so lots of jobs. And solar and wind power. And trees. And high speed trains.
2) Pardons for Assange, Manning, and Snowden
3) Medicare for All. Lowering the age to 60 doesn’t help that many people and restoring the ACA still leaves some people uncovered. For All. That’s the demand.
4) Close Guantanamo
5) Legalize Marijuana, like full legalization, and free all the people currently in jail for it.

6) Get money out of politics. This one’s a long shot, because without big money in politics there’s no way Joe Biden would be president.

They are all long shots. You can think of this as a wish list

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