Here’s a little poem I posted a few days ago on Rattle’s Anything Goes poetry page:

Bells should ring

and drums should pound

and trumpets boldly blare

sending out a joyous sound

and filling up the air

Pictures should be pretty

and flowers should smell sweet

and all the food upon your plate

should be good to eat

Teachers should instruct you

and doctors help you heal

and psychologists should tell you

why you feel the way you feel

Parents should be patient

and children should be good

and poetry, above all else

should be understood

and it got more comments than anything I’ve ever posted, by far. Which is not to say it’s the best thing I’ve ever posted, it’s not that at all. Apparently, it just touched a nerve. A lot of people were seriously bothered by the idea that a poem should be easy for readers to understand. (and some were supportive. It was a good, healthy comment thread, and is still going on)
This (along with the rhyming thing) is what sets me apart from most other poets. It’s good to have a niche.
Also, spent a bit of time today working on putting together my next book of poetry, which I hope to put out before Christmas.

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