What’s in a Name?

Despite their record of fumbling incompetence, despite having some of the worst stats in Europe regarding Covid 19, dear old England is the first to roll out a vaccine. The name of the first patient to get one is already forgotten. It just happened a couple of days ago, I read an article on it just 30 seconds ago, and I’ve already forgotten her name. A 90 year old woman, and I wish her a long life.
But the second patient to get the shot is an octogenarian by the name of William Shakespeare. That’s hard to forget. The article I read did not say whether or not he was any relation. He could not possibly be a direct descendant, since Shakespeare only had one son, and poor Hamnet died when he was 12. But, it’s not a tremendously common name, and William Shakespeare the author and William Shakespeare the medical experiment, although separated by four centuries in time, are practically neighbors in space, both being sons of Warwickshire. Maybe a great, great, great (and so on) grandnephew or something. Or maybe just a coincidence.
Anyway, the important news is that there’s a vaccine and, if everybody is serious about stopping this and getting back to normal, they will soon be producing it by the millions and billions. If.

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