China has achieved fusion. This is a really big deal. This is massive. If it turns out to be safe, cheap and reliable this could save the world. But, those are the problems.
Safety first. One way is which fusion is superior to fission (the current method) is that there’s no nuclear waste, no spent rods that have to sit in a swimming pool forever, or be buried out in the middle of the desert where whoever lives in the area is going to sue somebody sooner or later, or, as was the case in Fukushima, dumped straight into the ocean. We’re still dealing with unknown forces and I suppose we could, at some point, blow up the whole world. However, I’m certain that the Chinese scientists are taking precautions against that and at least one, initial experiment has gone well.
Reliable, well, the first experiment went well. We’ll know it’s reliable after they’ve built a plant and it’s been running for a couple of years. Knowing the speed and efficiency with which the Chinese can build things, that may happen quite soon. Cheap, of course, is also a matter of time. Initial construction is probably going to be expensive, I’m sure the research up till now has been expensive as hell, but once a few plants are up and running, the price of electricity will drop dramatically. It’s not a fossil fuel. Fusable atoms are all over the world. They are in water. Once this is up and running, it means unlimited, and therefore, very cheap energy.
With unlimited energy, desalination becomes cheap, and greening the world’s deserts and ending hunger forever becomes an easy thing. Running a worldwide network of trains, using electricity, would also become a very economical affair.
So, a very big deal. I wish the Chinese all the luck in the world.

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