Voyager II Keeps Chugging Along

I just watched a video titled ‘How we re-established communication with Voyager II after 7 months’ and I am none the wiser, with regard to that specific question at least. I did learn a few things, such as interstellar space isn’t completely empty because Voyager II (I tried abbreviating that as V-2 but, when I wrote the two in Roman numerals, it just looked like 7, and when I thought it out loud inside my head – as I do – I realized that it could sound like the rockets that hit London in the early 1940s, and the connection between them and the American space program is already too close for comfortable conversation, so Voyager II it is and will remain) is sending back data on solar winds, charged particles, interstellar dust, and plasma.
It’s still pretty darned close to empty, because this object has been hurtling through it for several years now on a straight line and hasn’t actually collided with anything. On Star Trek, it seems they can’t move in any direction without encountering some kind of sub-space anomaly that sends them back in time, or affects their DNA in some way that allows them a chance at cosplay. But, we’re still at sub-light speeds, so what do we know?
It is all pretty amazing, but the two things that weren’t made clear in the video were how we lost contact in the first place (although it was made clear that most scientists thought we’d have lost contact way before now, like by the 1990s. The probe was launched in the ’70s), and how it was regained.
It’s not as if we don’t know where it is.

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