The Changing of the Year

2020/2021 will not be the dramatic change a lot of people are hoping for. It’s a date on the calendar, an arbitrary point.
Sure, the Corona Virus will probably be ended, now that there is a vaccine. But, the environment will keep spinning out of control because nobody’s doing a damn thing to address it, and that means 2021 will be another year of forest fires, floods, hurricanes, desertification, and, yes, new and dangerous viruses, bacteria, and all around ill-health.
Capitalism will continue to reign supreme, as the president elect of the world’s so called superpower has said nothing will fundamentally change, which means that billionaires will continue to pillage the Earth.
I hope I’m wrong, and I intend to write a more optimistic blog tomorrow night, filled with New Year’s resolve and optimism, but I’m going on the record now: 2021 is going to suck pretty bad, too.

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