Pig’s Head

OMG, vandals! Blood, Pig’s Head, Radical Slogans, Nancy Pelosi’s house. First of, I wouldn’t feel too bad for Nancy Pelosi, even if it was as bloody as the stories make it sound. She’s got a net worth of $120,000,000, and she could not give a rat’s ass if people get a $2,000 stimulus check, a $600 stimulus check, or a boot up the backside. She is against Medicare 4 All, and will do everything she can to block it. If poor people die, poor people die. She totally failed to impeach Donald Trump with her stupid ‘narrow focus,’ and she refused to even try to impeach George W. Bush. She referred to the Green New Deal as “the green dream or whatever.” Wouldn’t bother her a bit if the environment became totally unlivable. She’s got $120,000,000. That’s enough to buy you an underground shelter, with a generator and plenty of extra canisters of oxygen, and a cellar full of high priced champagne.
But it’s not really as dramatic as it sounds. There were some slogans, and anarchist symbols spray painted on her garage door. And what the press is calling ‘something that looks like a pig’s head’ in the articles and ‘a pig’s head’ in the headlines, actually, in the photo, looks like a little plastic figurine, or maybe papier maché, of a pig’s head. It’s way too small to be a real pig’s head.
Of course it’s illegal, and I’m not saying it should be legal to spray paint shit on other people’s garage doors, but personally I hope whoever did it gets away with it. Because Nancy Pelosi is truly a pig.

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