Comments on the Capitol Killings

I thought of writing a blog last night on the storming of the capitol, but thought I’d wait until morning to get answers to some basic questions, like who was the woman who was shot and who shot her, but I wake up this morning and find that 4 died, and we still don’t have a name or very many details for the first one, except that she was a Trump supporter. One might assume from that that she was shot by police, but in a crowd which is commonly heavily armed, it’s also possible she was shot by one of her own.
We don’t know anything at all about the other 3. Were they shot, were they trampled, did they have heart attacks caused by tear gas inhalation?
I’m not against reasonable limits. If they’re not releasing the names until they notify next of kin, they should say so. Other than that, the public has a right to know. Despite the egregious behavior and, in fact, the offensiveness of the very existence of the people in this gun-totin’, bible thumpin’, white supremacist crowd of multi-generationally inbred morons, I still don’t think the police should be able to kill large numbers of them indiscriminately.
With regards to the storming of the capitol itself, and some bozo standing on the podium wearing something that would even confuse people at a costume party (Are you supposed to be Davy Crockett, or a Viking?), I am kind of envious, and wish we had that much fire on the left.
I remember an anti-Viet Nam war protest on the steps of the Iowa Capitol Building, cca 1970, so I was still in high school. There was a line of police at the top of the stairs and, being the think outside the box kind of guy I am, I walked around to a side entrance on Grand Avenue, and sauntered right in, like any tourist on any normal day. I walked over to the glass paneled doors and looked out at the crowd, between the row of policemen. I waved at people, tried to get their attention, pointing and mouthing “Go around to the side!” but nobody saw me, or at any rate nobody moved.
The left just wants to make their case, do their symbolic gesture and go home. The right wants a fight. I wish there was some middle ground between those two courses of action, between those two states of mind.

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  1. Anonymous

    How about all the people who worked in Georgia or across the country to turn the election despite a pandemic? There are plenty of people on the left that are doing more than just complaining online and it’s THEIR work that deserves to be remembered too. Perhaps if they wore Viking helmets and made a big stupid show of their fervor, you would be more impressed. I am happy with their results

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