Dumb Politics

There is an argument, made by Biden supporters, that since everybody already got a $600 check (from Trump) Biden’s announcement that he’s sending everybody a $1400 check should actually count as the $2,000 which he legiterally promised people in return for a vote. “If we win in Georgia,” he said “everybody gets a $2,000 check.”
There is no logical reason to do this. He’s not even President yet and there is a clear perception, right or wrong (I think it’s right) that his word cannot be trusted. As far as the number is concerned, they are pulling it out of a hat. It could have been $3,000, or $4,000. It isn’t going to hurt the economy. Most of that money will go straight back into the economy, as people buy groceries, pay rent, pay bills. And it’s a stretch to believe that the amount would leave America broke. They just gave away over a trillion to billionaires, and as for what they spend on defense, hoo, boy. Giving people money so they can eat is a bargain in comparison.
So, why did he do it? Maybe his economic advisors (Larry Summers -see ‘repeal of the Glass Steagal act’) told him it would be too much money. But I doubt it.
I see it like this: Republicans will be happy to see working people getting by with less, and Biden desperately wants to be liked by Republicans. Progressives and working people in need, he couldn’t give a shit.

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