Things That Just Don’t Add Up

I don’t have any full fledged theories about what happened in any of these cases, but I read a couple of things today that made me stop and think “Hey, wait a minute. That doesn’t sound right and I suspect we’re not getting the whole story.
One is the story of Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, who the FBI is now claiming has been an informant for them since 2012. First, it strikes me as bizarre that someone named Enrique Tarrio should be the leader of a white supremacist organization. I guess the membership was willing to put aside their hatred of Mexicans as long as he hated blacks just as much as they did.
Officials said he helped bust people for all sorts of stuff, from marijuana to human trafficking.
There was one thing in the article that gave me pause, though. That was the quote from Tarrio himself. “I don’t know about any of this. I don’t remember any of this.”
When people assert their innocence, I tend to believe them. At least for a moment. And, if he had been an informant, why would the FBI be so eager to give him up now? Of course, you could assume it’s down to due diligence from some reporter at Reuters, but there are quotes in the article from law enforcement people. They are making no effort at all to protect their informant, which shouldn’t surprise me too much, law enforcement are among the least trustworthy people on the planet, but what’s their motive? It seems to me that maybe they are setting him up. Plaster it all over the papers that he narked on everybody and maybe his own people will kill him.
Certainly, if he turns up dead that’s what I’m going to suspect.
The other two incidents were two D.C. cops, who were present at the Capitol, who have committed suicide since then. It could be coincidence, I suppose. Just two, and maybe both of them had personal reasons. But, it seems suspicious to me. Did they know something they shouldn’t have known, was there actually some police involvement, beyond just not being prepared, or where the scenes of mayhem and carnage SO traumatizing? I’d like to know more about this one, too. Although we probably never will.

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