It’s somewhere between disconcerting and terrifying, Mark Zuckerberg’s comments that he intends to ‘limit political content’ on Facebook, because I’m pretty sure he’s likely to cut groups I like, and silence voices I agree with, rather than just censoring hate speech, or cracking down on white supremacy, or televangelists, or any of the weird coalition of right wing nutcases who are the superficial justification. They vote Republican, and imagine Mark Zuckerberg does, too. He is a multi-billionaire, after all.
He may or may not be successful in his endeavors. In some ways, Facebook has outgrown Mark Zuckerberg, and become too big for even him to control. But, he’s the head honcho, so we’ve definitely got to be worried.
I think what the left needs, since it will never be treated fairly by the mainstream media, and now it appears we’re not going to be treated fairly by social media, is its own media.
I would call it Leftbook, but the name’s not important. There would be a mission statement right at the top of the home page, with 9 or 10 of the things we almost all agree on – saving the planet, universal health care, raising the minimum wage to a livable wage, getting money out of politics, ending private prisons, you know the list. In addition to news stories on all subjects, there would be comment boards for all these issues, for us to hammer out policy and discuss tactics. I’d go light on the trolls, I wouldn’t want to be a closed group, and we do want to hear all points of view. Light, but maybe not too light.
There are millions of us. It could happen.

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