Binary Thinking

Even though the ability to think in larger than binary terms is what makes us better than computers, we still like to break down everything into binary terms, because it’s simpler. Black and white, hot and cold, male and female, young and old, rich and poor. Of course, there are gradations and exceptions to all of these, and if we want to think about things seriously, they should all be taken into account as well.
So it is with politics. Although some people are focused more on human rights and others on the economy, some have pet issues, and some just hate everybody, we do, very broadly, fall into two categories.
There are those who accept the phrase “We are all in the same boat” and there are those who believe “It’s every man for himself.”
For myself, I’m an ‘all in the same boat’ kind of guy. I can see a sort of poetic truth in the every man for himself logic. We are born alone, we will die alone. But if mankind is ever to evolve to a higher level, if we are ever even to make this world a better world than it is now, we have to think, and act, collectively.

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