The Devaluation of Gold

I haven’t actually paid too much attention to the CPAC conference. Trump spoke. Lots of very conservative people were there. No real surprises that I’ve heard of. So, I probably wouldn’t be commenting on it at all except OMG, that statue. A golden statue of Donald Trump, over six feet tall, carrying a magic wand and wearing a jacket and tie on top and U.S. American flag boxers, looking for all the world like Rocky Balboa. And sandals for some damn reason.
This seems a bit over the top. A life size, or maybe a little bigger, gold (well, fiberglass painted with gold) statue seems the kind of thing one would make to mock Donald Trump, not to seriously praise him. And the boxer shorts. I mean, seriously, that’s mockery, right? Well, it doesn’t seem that Donald Trump minded at all, and the crowd loved it.
Donald Trump would have fit right in, would have made a totally normal ruler, in like ancient Egypt or Babylon or something, putting up gold statues of himself all over the place. He could have gone ahead and married Ivanka, and had a whole brood of retarded offspring. Ancient history’s just full of that shit.
But, no, he is, and remains, a very real element in 21st century American politics. To everybody’s shame and embarrassment.

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