Brave New World

I’m going to try and do this without too many spoilers, because I do recommend that everybody watch Brave New World on Netflix, whether you’ve read the book or not. It stands up on its own right.
I was a teenager when I read Brave New World, approximately half a century ago, so some of the details of the book were blurry anyway, but I was pretty sure some things were changed. No reference at all to Ford, for instance. Neither Helmhotz Watson or Mustapha Mond were female, in the book. A few other things. And the ending. The ending was very different. Like night and day different.
But, I remember having the same feeling about it as I did when I read it. This may not have been Huxley’s intention, but it struck me, in both cases, that some aspects of society in New London were not that bad. The architecture and technology were totally futuristic and classy (I like that in a sci-fi movie), the public orgies were awesome, and the whole idea of life being a non-stop party with lots and lots of drugs appealed to me greatly.
If you could have the same society without the genetic engineering, and rigid enforcement of the caste system, and with better music, it would be awesome.

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