The Sad Case of Sarah Everard

I was about to write a blog about how horrible it is that the police busted up a feminist rally because they were protesting against rape, particularly the case of Sarah Everard, 33, who was recently found murdered. A police officer, Wayne Couzens, is charged with the crime.
I was ready to write about how horrible this is that the excesses of the police in the U.S. are now happening in Britain, and who knows how far that will spread. The whole world tries to emulate America, and often in the worst ways. Fast food is everywhere, everybody wants a car and, despite an occasionally impressive film, Hollywood still dominates the world’s cinematic consciousness.
But, I read a few more articles, just to make sure I was spelling everybody’s name correctly, and it’s not really a similar case at all. Couzens was not on duty at the time he allegedly (One has to say allegedly. We can’t dispense with trials, but they took him into custody pretty quickly so I’m guessing he was either caught on camera or left some DNA evidence behind) kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard.
And, both Couzens and Everard are white, so race wasn’t a factor at all.
It’s just a case of a cop happening to be a filthy rapist, which probably happens in every country in the world. But the police still shouldn’t be trying to bust up the vigils. That looks bad.

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