Elon, You Entitled Shit

Spring trundles in, the daisies are scattered across the lawn, in clumps and irregularly, like when you let a two year old decorate their own cake, and Facebook friends from more meteorologically advanced regions are posting pictures of Tulips beginning to bloom and cherry blossoms filling the trees. But, enough of my day…
Elon Musk really has no sense of PR, does he. After Bernie Sanders, beloved by millions, champion of the working class, and all around good guy says we should focus on crating a better world rather than rushing off into space, which is one issue I disagree with him on but that’s neither here nor there, Elon tweeted (I’m not looking it up to get exact words, but this is pretty close) “I’m accumulating resources to make interplanetary living possible and expand human consciousness to the stars.” As if that means he shouldn’t pay taxes.
For one thing, it sounds like the kind of thing a Joel Osteen or Creflo Dollar type preacher would come up with. I’m doing the Lord’s work, I should not be taxed, I should be allowed to accumulate all the resources possible to glorify his name. Same thing.
Second, though, is how in the hell does he think he’s different from anybody else? Sure, most people’s goals are a bit more basic than putting a car into orbit, or planning a colony on Mars, but we are all accumulating resources to achieve our goals, and there’s no reason why somebody who is accumulating resources to put a kid through college, or to take a summer vacation, should have to pay a greater rate in taxes than the mighty Elon Musk.

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