An Irritating Metaphor

I just read something on Facebook, although it was probably from Twitter, written by one of Pete Buttigieg’s staffers, how he (Buttigieg, not the staffer) is playing chess while everybody else is playing checkers.
So, I could write a blog about what a ferret faced failure I think Buttigieg is, a one-term, piss poor mayor, and specifically on the wrong side of the BLM movement, but no. I’ve written that before, and I probably will again, being as he is Secretary of Transportation in a transparently anti-green administration, and so will many other people.
So, I’m just going to use this blog to point out the ridiculousness of the metaphor. Not that I think Buttigieg isn’t capable of chess. I never said he was stupid. Corrupt, racist, opportunistic, self-serving, sure.
No, the thing is, is you walk into a room where everybody’s playing checkers, sit yourself down at a board and make a chess move, you’re going to be disqualified and escorted out of the checker club. You’re not playing the game, you’re just being an elitist dick.
Of course, metaphors are not meant to be exact, and I am as prone as anybody else to throw out gratuitous game and sports metaphors, but politics being compared to a game happens so frequently that most people tend to see it as such. And it’s not. It’s really not.

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