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There are several different programs on Netflix that I’m alternating between at the moment. With Star Trek, I’m currently going through the original series again. I know this is not the popular opinion among Trekkies, but I consider it the least among all the iterations (with the exception of Discovery, which is totally unwatchable and I don’t count it as a legit part of the franchise at all). It’s interesting, though, to see how far we have come in our attitudes since the 1960s. The sexism, truly, is stunning.
Then there is Bolivar, which I suspect is better entertainment than history, and we’re using it as a Spanish lesson as well. Enjoying it, though. Lots of appealing characters, and plenty of great battle scenes.
Marco Polo is even shadier on the history, but it’s far enough back and the actual history enough in doubt that it doesn’t matter. Then, we’re watching another thing called Love in Times of War, which is basically a telenovela, set during a war between Spain and Morocco, and the heroines are a bunch of rich Spanish ladies who volunteer to be nurses and, of course, in between all of their medical heroics, they all find time to conduct spirited love affairs. It’s really much more for women but, I must confess, I’m the one who started watching it.
But the one I want to comment on is Sky Rojo (yes, I’m watching a whole bunch of stuff in Spanish – it’s a beautiful language and I wish I spoke it better) It is really and truly garbage but I’ve started it and it’s a limited series, so I’ll finish it. The story is 3 hookers kill (or nearly kill, at any rate) their pimp and run off. So the pimp and his henchmen are chasing them, and there are lots of fights and car chases. But the thing is, and this is one of my pet peeves, a show should decide what it is, and this one hasn’t. Is it a farce or a drama is one question, but a more important question is its message. At moments, it seems to take a hard stand against human trafficking, but…every episode is about 50 percent flashbacks of them working in the brothel, which is pretty much the same stuff you see on pornhub, and, despite having been on the run for 5 episodes now, they haven’t changed out of their hooker clothes. Shops, bars, a resort hotel, they go into all of them in full slut uniform, including glitter. You’d think if they were truly trying to escape their past, the first thing they’d do would be to find some respectable clothes to change into, but no….that would be totally contrary to the character of the show.

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