Quantity v. Quality

Perhaps it’s because of the quarantine, which means I’m spending even more time on-line, and that’s even more than the whole hell of a lot which is what it was before, and perhaps it’s because of our on-line culture itself which grows ever more dominant, but a lot of the poems I have written lately, I’d say 90%, are direct responses to something I’ve read on-line.
Here’s a quick example from yesterday:

Descartes plays a part

in philosophy’s history

in my opinion

a very large part

if we’re looking into

the meaning of meaning

to know we exist is

a good place to start

which was part of a larger philosophical discussion which got into a debate between Spinozians and DesCartesans that was a bit over my head, but I am pleased with the poem.
The strength of this kind of writing is that I’ve been cranking out a lot of poems recently. The weakness is that a lot of them lose their meaning when read by themselves, out of context. Not this one, this will go into my next book, for sure, but probably over half of them.
Quality v. Quantity. It’s an age old debate, in literature and all other pursuits and, as in so many of the great debates, there’s something to be said for both sides.

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